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Our range of air conditioning products allow us to push system design to the next level.  We cover a comprehensive range of products, from a simple split system to a 270 kW heat recovery VRF.

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LG Background

Industry Leader

LG Electronics are a global business leader with a steeped history in providing climate solutions.


Always at the forefront of industry innovation, LG lead the way with more effective and efficient control methods and industry first products.


Exi-tite and LG have been business partners since 2013. Working together on projects and development, forging a strong partnership.


LG remains focused on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions throughout a products life cycle.

Air Cooled VRF


12 to 268 kW from a single system, this LG VRF range covers both mini and maxi chassises and are available in heat pump and heat recovery models.

Heat Recovery

Don't waste the energy you are removing from rooms in cooling. Use that energy for areas that require heating. Highly efficient system offering simultaneous operation.

DX application

Use any VRF model on DX application. Move away from electric pre heats and a much more cost effective alternative.


Split Defrost, High Pressure Oil Return, Humidity and Temperature Sensing.
Take advantage of LG's ground breaking advancements in making your project as effective and efficient as possible.

Water Cooled VRF


Water cooled VRF options span from 22.4 to 224 kW. Modulate systems to achieve your requirements.

Heat Recovery

Dont wast the energy you are removing from rooms in cooling. Use that energy for areas that require heating. Highly efficient system offering simultaneous operation.

Water Temperatures

Operate with water temperatures between -5 deg c and 45 deg c. Operation for geothermal operation is possible.


Connectable to the entire range of LG Indoor VRF units and control methods. The LG water cooled systems allow VRF operation over residential, commercial and Industrial application where outdoor space is restricted or where there is access to water loops.

SPLIT & Multi Systems

A system to suit all applications

Wall Mounts, Variations of Cassettes, Low, Med & High Static Ducted Units, Ceiling Mounted, Floor Standing and Console Units.


Trendy wall mounted indoor units that suit the most contemporary room. Use modern lines and a classic style with the Artcool Mirror or customise your space with the unique Artcool Gallery

DX application

Our split systems will provide both return and supply air control to third party DX systems. A simple, effective method of cooling or heating for ventilation.

WIFI Control

With embedded WIFI control, use LG's Smart THINQ to control your home or office from anywhere in the world.


Supply air temperature control

Precision control of the supply air temperature into your room

Split and VRF Application

No matter what size your DX cooling or heating requirements are. they can be met by powerful VRF or a small split outdoor unit.

Multiple Coils per system

It's not just a 1:1 solution. More than one coil can be installed on the same system to allow staging and load control

BMS Control

Connect your DX system to local, centralised or BMS systems with options for direct Modbus control.

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