Dining Pods

Exi-tite's new dining pods have been specifically designed to provide hygenic, independently ventilated areas in which customers can relax in a safe and secure environment.

From Concept

  • 2 / 4 / 6 person pods.
  • Modular build with short construction times.
  • Independently ventilated.
  • Hygienic environment.

Through Design

  • All Surfaces can be wiped with medical grade antibacterial cleaner.
  • Plug and Play configuration.
  • Ordering through integrated systems.

To completion

  • Occupation sensor for energy saving ventilation.
  • Antibacterial leather furnishings.
  • Service hatch.

With contact free Ordering

Antibacterial touch screen point of service.

Healthcare approved.

Children’s games and apps .

"We wanted to design a way for people to feel safe while out dining, having meetings or just having a cup of coffee.

It was important for us not only to make things hygienic but also keep our design inviting and family friendly. Each pod has its own ventilation system, which is speeded up automatically when the pod is in use. This means that the air inside the pod is constantly diluted with fresh air and with no chance of cross contamination.

The surfaces can be cleaned easily and the touch screen point of use is healthcare approved with antibacterial coatings, a great way to make ordering easy, keep little fingers busy and reduce rates of infection."
Andy Robinson Lexi-tite airconditoning ventilation heat recovery chillers awhp fans
Andrew Robinson
Managing Director, Exi-tite

If you would like to find out more about our dining pods, then please get in touch.