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Helios is a forward-looking family business and one of Europe’s leading fan manufacturers.

The modern factory has a floor area exceeding 100,000 m² of which 50,000 m² is production area. The plant is equipped with the latest production machinery resulting in high quality products.

For over 6 decades, Helios has designed & manufactured fans and components for the ventilation industry. In addition to about 25 sales offices in Germany, Helios operates with agencies and subsidiaries in more than 20 countries in Europe and worldwide.

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

500 to 3,200 m3/hr

Helios Air-1_XC

As a pioneer in energy-efficient ventilation with decades of experience in development and production, Helios regularly sets milestones in ventilation technology. The time has come again with the new series Helios AIR1

During the development of the Helios AIR1 XC series, the focus was targeted on suspended ceiling systems. The result is a new generation of ceiling ventilation units with an intelligent maintenance solution and extremely compact unit dimensions.

Even if space is limited, an electric or warm water auxiliary heater battery can easily be integrated into the unit. An external cooling module can be directly mounted to the supply air inlets of the unit and thus making installation in confined spaces much easier

The ultimate all rounder

Ideal for kitchen extract – up to 120 °C air temperature

1,420 to 20,280 m3/hr


GigaBoxes are truly multi- functional units, which offer almost limitless flexibility in a number of different areas of application.

A Compact frame construction and easy-to-install accessories facilitate modifications meeting specification requirements.

With five (in the T120 series) or three possible exhaust directions, you are free to choose where you want to install and how you want to position the fan.

GigaBox T120 types are suitable for the extraction of dirty, humid and hot air up to maximum of 120 °C, such as extract air fan in commercial kitchens and many process technology applications.

The motor is located outside the airflow and is separated from the impeller by a heat-insulated wall.

For ease of service the impeller unit can be removed without dismantling the ducting system.

Gigabox T120 Ventilation
Red Arrow


up to 120°C air flow temperature

Helios Giga Box Connections

Virtually noise free

Install any orientation

230 to 4,760 m3/hr

Silent box

Acoustic Line in-line fans guarantee the lowest possible sound level for air and casing noise.

They are suitable for use in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, equipped with impellers capable of high performance, energy efficient and low noise.

 With 50 mm thick mineral wool lining inside the case, they are designed to ensure virtually noise free operation.

"The acoustic line fans are perfect for classrooms, offices or meeting rooms where noise from ventilation can be a distraction."
Seamus Hughes
Helios Technical Sales

Low / Med / High Inline Smoke Exhaust Fans

1000 to 150,000 m3/hr

Helios HP Smoke Extract

Smoke and heat exhaust systems have the task of ensuring a smoke free layer above the ground in the event of a fire. This should ensure visibility to facilitate the evacuation of people and animals as well as assist firefighting by the fire brigade.

Furthermore, emergency signs must also be recognisable in panic situations.

The creation of smoke-free areas reduces the risk of inhalation of toxic gases and the associated threat to life. The temperature in the smoke-free layer should not exceed 70 °C.

 RADAX impellers ideally combine the advantages of axial and centrifugal fans and ensure high pressure at high air flow rates in the compact casing.

The complete VAR range includes single-stage, two-stage andparallel units, also for smoke extraction.