Each Pod has its own dedicated ventilation unit bringing filtered fresh air from outside, which hopefully creates a solution to dining out during the risks of Covid-19

Andrew Robinson – Founder of Diningpods.co.uk

With the risk of infection still high and businesses struggling to stay viable, the pursuit of a helpful solution to assist businesses to operate and customers to feel safe has been at the forefront of the Exi-tite engineers minds.

Available in 2, 4 and 6 person pods, these safe zones allow you and your family and friends to dine in isolation from others.

Constructed from surfaces that are easily cleaned, and seating made from healthcare leatherette, allows the pod to be disinfected after each use, significantly reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Constantly introducing fresh air, the individual ventilation system increases its airflow rate when the pod door is closed, allowing you to sit and relax knowing that there is no airborne particles from elsewhere in the building.

Stay isolated with an electronic ordering system and serving hatch. The LG Healthcare approved point of service includes an antibacterial coating to provide that extra protection from contamination. Packed with games and apps to keep your children busy.

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