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Vectaire Ltd is a market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of ventilation products and systems, with over thirty years’ experience in the air movement industry. This has led to an innovative approach to product development eg: intelligent humidity control, silent running, energy efficiency, high performance/energy ratio and more. Partnered with us since 2014 we have used Vectaire products in an array of applications, due to their silent operation, flexibility and the support we receive as a key supplier.

Inhouse Design

Industry leading in product design to suit market demands, Vectaire’s team of highly skilled technicians manufacturer some of the most efficient compact ventilation systems available


Manufactured in the UK, we take pride in the speed of availability to deliver for your project.  Whether specification or consumables, quality UK made products are always at our fingertips


The service that you receive after a sale is as important as beforehand.  We support you every step of the way.  Our specially trained engineers will visit you on site, help commission your system and provide assistance for technical support once hand over is complete..

Ventilation Manufactured in the UK

Decentralised Extraction

The Elegance and Elix - Quiet, Compact and Controllable with trickle and Boost energy saving features.

Centralised Extraction

Microbox - Versatile and easy to install, One outlet spigot, Choice of four trickle speeds, Anti Vibration mounting ,Sound level of 21db(A), PIR, Humidistat control options.

Centralised Heat Recovery Ventilation

Studio, Maxi Plus, Maxi, Midi - An efficient , low energy solution to controlling condensation and pollution. Suitable for wet rooms, Up to 94% heat recovery efficiency, Connectible to BMS, Trickle and boost fan speeds, Bypass heat exchanger modes, Specific fan power as low as 0.5W/l/s, Array of control options available